About Nanospectral

Nanospectral is targeting a breakthrough by developing a radically new scientific and commercial platform for fast measurements and functionality understanding in biotechnology and food science and technology.

We will open a new area in biological sciences and engineering by exploring and describing biological systems through a nondestructive monitoring of their interaction with nearinfrared light (NIR), considering not only direct light interactions with specific compounds (current state-of-the-art methods), but also with their surrounding water, which is present in each biological system (unique for this approach).

Next to the platform applying next generation nanotechnologies we are developing a unique handheld photonic integrated Spectrometer that will be with the targeted resolution and precision the first of its kind and provide the necessary tool for qualitative and quantitative advanced characterisation of wide range of biological systems.

Key Features of Nanospectral Platform

Worldwide Decentralised Platform for Characterisation of Biological Systems

Our strategy represents a unique opportunity to combine NIR spectroscopy for fast, inexpensive, non-invasive and holistic characterisation of biological systems with decentralised block chain technology offering for the first time an implementation of databases, measurement analysis and visualisation into decentralised technology while providing the necessary security and scalability. With our radically new emerging technology that is highly interdisciplinary we will realize a completely new approach for qualitative and quantitative analysis to meet major objectives in bio- and food science and technology.

Ultra-high Resolution Portable Fourier Transform Spectrometer Devices

For the precise characterisation of absorbance patterns (APs) in wide range of applications we will develop a novel handheld photonic integrated Fourier Transform Spectrometer with ultra-high resolution (UH-FTS), a first device of its kind involving advanced next generation nanotechnology and microelectronic engineering for its fabrication. As part of the UH-FTS there will be a unique integrated optical chip without any moving parts carrying out scanning, specifically photonic integrated optical components for very fast (10-20ms) measurements with ultra-high resolution of <1nm, beating by more than one order of magnitude all current state-the-art devices.

Global and Custom-tailored Solutions with Insulated Personal Data

With our platform we will provide to customers not only the base for extensive analysis of biological systems, but also elaborate custom specific solutions serving niched demands. In addition, we will explore various applications at different levels as well as develop new characterisation methods that in combination with the UH-FTC will pave the road for a new technology for quality and functionality assessment that will also bring a new understanding of biological world. Applying the security of the blockchain technology we will ensure the necessary privacy of personal data.

Blockchain based Platform using NASP Coin as Core Component providing different Functionalities

NASP Coin will be the fast and secure digital currency for all the services provided by the platform as well as carrying out data transfer and storage services. Customers using the platform and its computing algorithms, characterisation models or databases will be charged in NASP on a pay-as-you-use or a time limited subscription base. On this way we will offer less expensive and much easier access to NIR characterisation as well as overcome the current limitations of NIR analysis to single bio systems and provide the unique opportunity to freely choose each time the measured biological system. This will attract not only existing, but also a lot of new customers. Currently, based on our previous work and activities, we have access to wide range of common bio-system databases, which we will continue to extend based on customer needs and requirements.

Why Invest in Nanospectral?

We believe in a next generation world with advanced healthcare, quality of life and better understanding of living matter. We want to provide the pathway to future development of biotechnology by technology-enabled solutions that go far beyond the state-of-the-art and are not anticipated in current technology. Our main objectives are:

New Vision for Method Development in Biotechnology

Developing a new technology and concepts that unfold and demonstrate new capabilities of NIR spectroscopy and provide very accurate, fast and non-invasive identification, characterisation and monitoring of different biological system including in-vivo evaluation.

New Concepts for Food Technology Development

New, comprehensive approach to develop specific analytical methods for the characterisation and quantification of bioactive compounds thus giving more valuable information to industry and consumers. Assessment of anti-oxidative potential, quality and authenticity of food products through a non-destructive approach with minimal sample preparation, providing rapid and economical analysis.

Next Generation Ultra-high Resolution Devices

Realisation of unique ultra-high resolution portable, handheld photonic integrated spectrometer devices with a spectral resolution of less than 1nm going far beyond the current state-of-the-art. Those devices will be used to acquire spectral data and apply multivariate spectral analysis to characterize and reveal changes within biological system. High-resolution absorbance patterns can be measured and used for characterisation of very small concentrations of different solutes, structural changes and compound identification. While current bio-research is focused on characterisation of single molecules involving very complex systematic approaches our devices, for the first time, will enable investigation and characterisation of biological systems (on a micro and macro level) as a whole, providing detailed information not only for compounds or instant functional changes, but also about the connections within the system and functionality of the same.

Global Scientific and Commercial Characterisation Platform

The above technologies will be synergistically united in the ground-breaking overall objective of Nanospectral for establishing a new global technology platform providing yet not anticipated fast and user-friendly point-of-use analysis and characterisation for life science, biotechnology and food science and technology. The final goal is to create pre-conditions and a basis for the development of new science and its application in other fields of human activity beyond the current state-of-the art.


Nanospectral is focused on developing and providing total solutions for spectrometric analysis and characterisation of biological systems.

Spectrometry as Powerful Tool for Characterisation

Near infrared spectrometry (NIR) is the most used analysis method for biological systems. It provides a fast and non-destructive way to characterize individual components within a system and has a wide range of applications such as:

  • Water Analysis and Quality
  • Solute Analysis
  • Food Quality
  • Protein Analysis
  • Materials and nanomaterials
  • Microbiology
  • Plant biology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Advanced Healthcare & Human medicine
  • Biotechnology

Time-consuming and Expensive

Detection of perturbations of protein structure and conformation, selection of probiotic bacteria-hard are time-consuming (up to years) and need application of extremely expensive approaches.

Huge Engineering Efforts

Huge genetic engineering efforts for developing of recombinant strains, the construction and selection processes of which are limited by the speed and expense of existing test methods.

Integration of Multidisciplinary Approaches

Food quality, safety, authenticity and functionality are subject of many studies, methods and approaches that are difficult to integrate and provide adequate and reliable results and requires expensive instruments.

Whole System Characterisation

Research of biological systems is focused on single molecule characterisation limited by complexity due to the immensity of information at the molecular level and lack of information about connections in the systems.

Appropriate Characterisation Devices

Lack of appropriate spectrometers and portable devices with resolution of >10 nm or expensive large benchtop tools limit applicability.


We are creating one-stop solutions for a wide range of applications overcoming the current state-of-the-art limitations by providing approaches for better characterisation and understanding of biological world.

Global Highly Interdisciplinary Platform

Our Platform will go beyond current mainstream collaboration configurations in joint science‐ and technology research and combine fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, chemometrics, food science and technology, microbiology, spectroscopy, physics and device engineering (nanolithography and technology).

Fast, Workable and Affordable Approaches

Fast, workable and affordable approaches for monitoring and characterisation, simply through spectral measurement and multivariate data analysis of spectral patterns in the NIR region.

Rapid, Inexpensive and Precise Methods

New, rapid, inexpensive and precise alternative methods for fast screening of recombinant strains (only few hours needed), significantly increasing the number of tested strains.

New Methodologies

New, simple methodologies and correlative analytical techniques for a fast and non-invasive evaluation of typicality and intrinsic food quality, palatability and functionality.

Whole System Evaluation

Biological systems can be evaluated as a whole, non-invasively, giving information for all included compounds and instantly detecting functional changes in the system.

Next Generation Characterisation Devices

Development of unique, next generation, handheld spectrometers with ultra-high resolution (less than 1 nm). High discrimination of probe constituents and cost effective point-of-use sensing. Wide range of new applications.

NASP Coin Information


Coin Name NASP
Algorithm Quark
Coin Type POS & MN
MN Collateral 5,000 NASP
Block Time 1 Minute
Maturity 101 Blocks
Min stake age 1 hour
Block reward 1 NASP / 90% MN / 10% POS
Max Coin Supply 40,000,000 NASP
Encrypted transactions YES

NASP Coin Exchanges

NASP coin will be with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

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The roadmap to success
Q3 2019

Concept development

  • General Concept for a spectrometry analysis platform
  • Specification for portable ultra-high resolution spectrometry devices
Q4 2019

Project Start

  • Initial blockchain
  • Wallet release
  • Design of website and release of whitepaper
Q1 - Q2 2020

Technology Development I

  • Listing on exchanges
  • Design of an UH-FTS onto a photonic integrated chip
  • Analysis platform specifications
Q3 - Q4 2020

Technology Development I

  • Realization of single characterisation modules for the analysis platform
  • NIR spectrometry database implementation
  • First photonic integrated chips with ultra-high resolution
  • Optimisation and if necessary, redesign of single components
Q1 2021

Technology Development II


  • First prototype of UH-FTS and characterisation
  • Device optimisation and integration of user functionality
  • Assembling of single platform modules into a global solution.
  • Implementation of first characterisation algorithms
  • Listing on major exchanges
Q2 2021

Platform Functionality and Characterisation

  • Integration of UH-FTS devices into the platform
  • Optimisation and design improvements
  • Alpha Platform functionality testing
Q3 2021

Beta Platform User Testing

  • On-site platform testing by customers
  • Functionality and design improvements
  • Preparation of pilot production of UH-FTS devices
Q4 2021

Public Release of the Global Platform

  • Nanospectral platform release
  • First sells to customers
  • Optimisation and design improvements
Q1 - Q2 2022

Continuously Further Development

  • Continuing development
  • Concepts for additional and new analysis methods and their realization
  • Further device optimisation
  • Expand variety of UH-FTS devices and implementation of new features into the platform

Nanospectral Core Team

Boris Vratzov
CEO & Founder
Snejana Iordanova
CTO & Co-Founder
Tsvetan Tsvetkov
CFO & Co-Founder
Iskra Lozanska-Kostova
Design & Co-Founder
Dimitar Kostov
CTO & Co-Founder


Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova
Kobe University, Shindai
Prof. Albert Krastanov
University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv


Below we’ve provided some common questions and answers regarding Nanospectral and NASP Coin, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is NASP Coin?

NASP Coin will be the cryptocurrency with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network. It will be used for most services provided by Nanospectral.

NASP Coin can be acquired through the official exchanges. Please check the exchange section. Alternatively, you can purchase NASP Coins also directly from Nanospectral. In this case please contact us.

You can purchased NASP with the currencies offered by the exchanges. If you want to acquire NASP directly from Nanospectral we accept Bitcoin or Etherum.

You can purchase additional NASP coins and/or let your available coins staking in your wallet. Additionaly, you also can setup one or more Masternodes that will increase daily your NASP holdings.

Where can I see the current Project Progress?

The technical progress and development on the project will be offered on a frequent base. Please check our announces and news section.

NASP Coin is directly connected with Nanospectral and will be used as payment currency for the platform services. The low amount of NASP coins in circulation and growing demand on Nanospectral services should provide the base for a stable and increasing coin price. Acquiring and holding NASPs will give you the opportunity to passively increase your holdings and their value.

Yes, NASP Coin will be the official currency on our platform and will be used as payment currency for all the services offered by Nanospectral.

Where can I get the NASP Wallet?

You can download the appropriate Wallet for Your system here on the website or via our github link.

Yes, our NASP wallets fulfill the lates security requirements. Additionaly, it is highly recommended to encrypt Your wallet after installation.

Once deposited coins to Your local NASP wallet, please unlock it for staking and do not close it. After a while your wallet will automaticaly start receiving stakes (new NASP coins) on frequent base.

The requiremnt for running a Masternode node is to hold 5000 NASP in your local wallet. For details hot to set up the Mastrnode please refer to our Mastrnode Guide in the NASP Coin section.

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